Most companies spend more money on employee-related expenses than any other part of their business but often don’t know how to manage its most important resource. IT functions spend money to maintain and upgrade their servers so they are optimized. Does your HR function focus on upgrading and optimizing its human capital? A small investment in either time or money can often pay huge dividends in one’s performance. There are a variety of services we offer to help your organization in this area.

Leadership Development And Executive Coaching

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Leadership skills are necessary for people to succeed so they can drive their team in the most effective and efficient manner.

Executive Coaching

Professional athletes have coaches who help them hone their craft and become better, faster, or more accurate. These coaches focus the athlete on priority development areas. An Executive Coach can do the same by focusing a leader in key leadership areas.


Core management skills are necessary for leaders to succeed so they can drive their team in the most effective and efficient manner. Such topics include Change Management, Performance Feedback, Delegation, Goal Setting, and a variety of other core skills to optimize a manager.


Leaders are often given feedback from their boss but don’t see how others (peers, customers, or direct reports) others perceive their performance. This proven tool allows for a thought provoking discussion on a person’s strengths and development areas.

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

Effective organizations have optimal structures, communicate well, and measure and reward performance.

Change Management

People adapt and go through changes at different paces. A manager’s job is to understand this and have tools that can support their team no matter where they are in the change process.

Organizational Design

This is about having the right strategy, structure, rewards, communication systems, and human resource systems in place to accomplish your organizational goals.

Annual Strategy & Meeting Facilitation

Sometimes its best to have a neutral third party who can drive your off-sites to meet your desired goals and keep the team focused on the priorities.

Communication Strategies

Few organizations communicate strategy, goals, accomplishments, and challenges throughout the enterprise. Gain proven techniques to enhance communication in turn improving alignment and employee engagement.

Performance Management

What are people doing well? How can they improve? These are often hard conversations to have with team members. Build a performance management program that meets the companies goals and develops your most important resource.

Goals & Metrics Development

“Figure out what you need to do, go do it, then measure how well you do it” is a mantra of many successful companies. Unfortunately, many don’t. I can help you sent a dashboard to measure your progress and help your team focused on the priorities

Programs & Keynotes

Programs & Keynotes

We offer a variety of programs from Change Management, Communication Skills, to Challenging Your Limitations that will help you and your team excel.

Reach Your Peak through E.P.I.C. Performances

Dreaming up crazy goals and then putting a plan to accomplish those goals, whether in your career or personal life, involve similar attributes. You must first envision the unthinkable, develop a plan to accomplish it, then perform it. From envision to perform to learning to collaborate with the right people, Bryan talks about how he has accomplished extraordinary goals focusing on his most recent endurance event – running 205 miles around Lake Tahoe in 76 ½ hours with only 90 minutes of sleep in his keynote address titled, Reach Your Peak through E.P.I.C. Performances.

It’s Not A Communication Problem: 5 Steps To PLEAD For Alignment

The biggest issue I hear is around communication, or lack of it. In reality, people are not aligned around certain elements. Learn the 5 elements to increase alignment with your team and improve communication. Learn how to PLEAD for Alignment.

Change Can Be Hard – Your Job Is To Make It Easier

Rolling out a new program or system can be hard because it means people have to change how they were doing things. And during this process, productivity is often reduced to a standstill. Learn how to gain support and speed through the Change.

Why They Don’t Understand Me: The 4 Styles of Communication

We all have different styles of communicating which can cause conflict. However, it is critical to a team’s success to have unique styles and come at situations differently. Learn the 4 styles of communication, your primary style, and when to use each one.

Collaboration: The Competition Is Outside the Company

Too often we act like the competition is the department next to us and don’t work well together to do what is best for the overall company. In this highly interactive session, participants will learn the key benefits of collaboration and how to most effectively work together in their organization.